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The Global Majority Video

The Global Majority animation featured on my motion graphics page, was a commission by Rosemary Campbell-Stephens MBE. We worked together closely to develop the visual content and included symbology that speaks about the very real effects and consequences of the past... and the need to recognise the truth about humanity and reality as a whole.

Some notable symbology used:

The umbilical cord between the heart and the mind, represents the connection between these two centres of our being. Whatever is fed into the mind will impact the heart and vice versa. Neurons are brain cells.... however neurons are also found in the heart - 40,000 of them to be exact, the heart literally has a mind of it's own.

The mask being removed represents the decolonisation process that is taking place in the hearts and minds of Global Majority people.

The Sankofa Bird is an African mythical creature. The word Sankofa is translated as 'to retrieve, to return, to go back and get, to seek and take' The Sankofa Bird represents the need to return to the past in order to build a better future.

This image of an atom was included under the voiceover "...and really in this way, we all have the potential to become the people of the Global Majority"

The message here is one of unity and ultimate truth. Quantum physics tells us that the atom - the very building blocks of life and physical matter... is not as it seems... that actually what we observe as solid, separate things in the world - people (all races, creeds and colours) animals, nature, objects etc... are in fact unified in an inexhaustible ocean of energy. At the most fundamental level of existence, we are one.


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