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About me.


I have been building skills in motion graphics and

animation for 10+ years, ever since I first used Adobe After Effects for a student assignment.

This is the video of that project!

My first ever motion graphics project!

Although I now specialise in motion graphics, I was previously involved in quite a lot of video production work, you can see some of that material here


I'm also a fairly successful voiceover artist! - whilst employed as an animator & content creator a couple of years ago, I started recording voiceovers for some of the videos. Surprisingly I proved to be quite good and have gone on to record VOs for large brands and organisations. Voiceover work


I started out freelancing for a Christian organisation, filming, editing and creating content for their social media channels. I then branched out to working with businesses and larger corporate / public companies.

I found motion graphics fascinating as I was able to bring still graphics to life in any and every way possible. It was a way to tell limitless stories.

I love to be involved with projects that have progressive social, economic or environmental themes at their core - those in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 


However, using motion graphics to work on anything at all is always immensely stimulating and enjoyable to me!

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